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Air Conditioner Replacement in Virginia Beach, VA 23450

“Where to begin with such a WONDERFUL experience. I choose 6 contractors off Angie’s List. With each one I explained 3 things that I was looking to change about my HVAC system (comfort in the summer, 2 rooms were always hotter or colder than the others and my old unit was noisy, you could hear the air flow) and ask for their suggestions. Three of the 6 gave me similar results! You need new duct work! I was expecting that since I knew my actic was unusually comfortable in the summer when it was over 100* outside and with the duct work hard and inflexible it was obvious it was old and deteriating.

Second suggestion was a Variable Speed Unit for constant air flow and Humidity control. Ok so these things come with a price I was expecting that. Josh with Air Handlers was wonderful at explaining what we needed and gave us the why behind his suggestions (his words reflected 1 other contractor we had quoted with, narrowing down our choices).

Where Josh stood out was he knew that the unit we really needed would require new duct work explaining that due to the dehumidifying function that the old duct work would sweat and eventually damage the Attic and Ceiling. He also stated “He would NOT install that unit unless we replaced the ducts”.

INTEGRITY something as a salesperson myself I look for. He was willing to walk away if the job was not done right. I knew before they showed up that I would need new duct work so I had asked each contractor after they gave me their suggestions about replacing the duct work and the 3 that had not suggested new duct work were planning on putting in the same type unit and said that duct work was to costly (not their decision to make, besides they should of pointed out the consequences if I had not replaced it).

After a lot of research online about the unit Josh had suggested “The Carrier Infinity” I realized that was due to my concern over comfort in the summer! Boy people are passionate about there HVAC systems. Done, I knew Air Handler’s was winning my business. I had no idea how easy this was going to be. Josh explained it could be a 3-5 day job with new duct work. Brian the installer lead was prompt and showed up exactly each day when he advised us he would and got right to work. They protected my property with flooring protection and cleaned up each day after themselves. If it weren’t for the 2 to 4 trucks outside nobody would have even noticed I was having work done.

They are smaller company 2 installers and 2 technicians but they provided excellent service and were very prompt. I wish I would have gotten the names of the other 3 guys who were wonderful and took those extra steps to insure I was aware of what they were doing and showing us how the machine worked. They worked with us on a few extra changes mid-job with no complaints (I asked for risers to raise the outside unit and my husband wanted all new duct covers).

If you need HVAC work and look for INTEGRITY, GREAT SERVICE and PROMPTNESS these are your guys (and the ladies in the office were wonderful as well). When friends and neighbors asked us who I suggest Air Handlers Mechanical Services, Inc. will be my suggestion. My neighbor also used them the next week and had duct worked replaced as well and she had nothing but positive comments about her experience. She had contacted them after I gave her their name from Angie’s List and was impressed with the time Bill had spent explaining things to her ( she commented that she had done 10 quotes with other companies and they by far stood out).”

– Mike F.