Should Your Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor Get A City Permit?

BLOG FH09DJA_ENEGUZ_02Cities in the Hampton Roads area generally require that the contractor apply for a permit when installing a new gas furnace or running new or moving the gas piping. Permits are also required for installations of other types of heating and cooling equipment when it is being installed for the first time in a new home or a home that has been renovated. A permit is also required when the type or source of heat changes. In other words, if you are replacing a heat pump with another heat pump, no permit is required. If you are replacing a gas furnace with a heat pump a permit is required. A permit is always required when there is a fuel source involved like natural gas or oil.

  • Any reputable heating and air conditioning contractor should be applying for the proper permits when working in your home.
  • If you are buying or selling a home, the home inspection company may check on the permit status of any work that was done in your home.
  • If you ever have an insurance claim, your insurance company may check on the permit status for any work that was done in your home.

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